Volumizer Hair Additions for Women with Thinning Hair

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Volumizer Hair Additions for Women with Thinning Hair and Hair Loss. No glue, no chemicals, no damage… just great looking hair.

Hair is an integral part of every woman’s self-esteem and self-image. A woman who has fine, thin hair that doesn’t sufficiently cover the top and crown of her head often experiences emotional anguish and self-consciousness.

Whether it’s the result of chemotherapy, an imbalance of hormones, blood thinner/pressure medicine, thyroid problems, menopause, stress, or simply being born with the thin hair gene — traditionally, there have been few options to solve the problem of fine, thin hair at the top or crown of a women’s head.

Fuller, Thicker, Beautiful Hair… Without Surgery and Without Wigs

HRI’s New Volumizer Hair for Women is a unique, nonsurgical, semi-permanent, integrated hair replacement option that is specifically created for women with up to 50 percent hair loss in the crown, and for women with fine, thin, and/or damaged hair.

Hair extensions can add length and thickness to a hair style, but they can’t really address the crown of the head. Cosmetic products designed to plump up hair shafts don’t work well if you don’t have much hair to “plump.” And ordinary wigs don’t offer the same kind of look, feel or freedom that HRI of Minnesota’s Volumizer Hair for Women or our exclusive Dermal Lens hair replacement systems for women offer.

HRI’s Volumizer is created with 100 percent human hair that’s lightweight and conforms to the shape of the top and crown of a woman’s head. It can be worn for up to five weeks before being uninstalled and reinstalled. Each hair on the system is hand-tied, to create volume on the top and to lay flat and blend in with the sides. The system can be cut to your individual style and blow-dried, ironed (curl and flat), dried naturally, braided, tucked behind your ear, or put up into a pony tail or up-do.

HRI Volumizer Hair for Women gives you fuller, thicker, denser hair. It produces immediate results and requires no glue, no adhesives, and no chemicals. And because it is integrated with your own hair and lays flat to the head, it is totally undetectable and completely wearable night and day for up to five weeks. It can also be integrated with extensions, to add length to your desired style.


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Women's Hair Integrations for Thinning Hair.

Womens Hair Intergration Systems

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