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Can Losing Weight Make Me Lose My Hair?

Summer will be upon us before you know it. That’s why there are plenty of men and women working out to shed those extra pounds they have put on during the cold winter months. Weight loss can be a healthy thing for you body and it can do a lot to improve your overall health. It can give you more energy and give you confidence by helping you look and feel good. While that all sounds good, it can also be a cause for hair loss. The reasons for this we have listed below. Shocking Your System If the weight loss you have been working hard to achieve is dramatic, it can be a shock to your overall system. This [...]

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Childhood Hair Loss and Hair Replacement

Pediatric hair loss can be devastating. Many believe that hair loss in children is not very common. However, statistics indicate that about 3% of all pediatric visits are related to childhood hair loss. The following conditions are responsible for the vast majority of pediatric hair loss: (1) tinea capitis, (2) alopecia areata, (3) trauma to the hair shaft, and (4) telogen effluvium. The good news is that hair loss in a majority of children will resolve itself. If this is the case for your child, coping with hair loss and the regrowth period will take center stage. However, about 40% of incidences of childhood hair loss do not resolve. And if you’re a parent to a child in that 40% [...]

By | April 10th, 2018|Categories: childhood hair loss, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement|Comments Off on Childhood Hair Loss and Hair Replacement

4 Things Your Hair Can Say About Your Health

Most of us think of our hair as something that is "just there," like our nails, but we never really think of it as part of our body that gives us a clue about our health. When our hair goes through changes, like turning from thick, shiny hair to limp, dull looking hair, you may want to ask yourself what have you done recently to account for this dramatic change in your hair structure and texture. Did you swim in chlorinated pool, or change the color of your hair? These are just some of the things that can affect your hair. Dry, limp hair can also be a sign of hypothyroidism, also known as an underactive thyroid, that causes your [...]

By | March 13th, 2018|Categories: Female Hair Loss, mens hair loss|Comments Off on 4 Things Your Hair Can Say About Your Health

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a surgical hair transplant procedure where a strip of hair is taken from the back and sides of the scalp where hair is more resistant to balding, and it is placed in areas where thinning or bald has occurred. The strip of hair is subdivided into slivers using a microscope. These slivers are composed of only one row of hair follicles which are subdivided into follicular unit grafts using dissection techniques. These grafts are placed in tiny incisions where they are needed to restore your hair and give you back an natural hairline. The amount of positioning of follicular unit grafts is what determines the aesthetic quality of a hair transplant. Every patient and their [...]

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I Have Alopecia. Now What?

I was recently diagnosed with Alopecia and I didn't know what it even was?  After doing a whole bunch of online research and talking with my doctor and subsequently with a Dermatologist, I decided to document my experience and keep a journal. Vern Cole and his lovely wife Patsy have very graciously allowed me to share it here, because I thought that if I didn't know what Alopecia was, there were probably a whole lot of other women who didn't know either, and while I started out scared and feeling alone and very vulnerable, I ended up in a very wonderful place of confidence and hope. It wasn’t until recently that I learned the word alopecia means “hair loss.” It [...]

By | January 8th, 2018|Categories: Alopecia Wigs, Female Hair Loss|Comments Off on I Have Alopecia. Now What?

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